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We are Divine Himalayan, a family run business created in the heart of this Himalayan country Nepal. We are young, hardworking and look forward to building a lasting relationship with you. We specialize in collection, research and distribution of different Himalayan products from Nepal.

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हाम्रा उत्पादनहरु

Natural Honey

Rs 650 / KG

Chiuri Honey

Rs 950 / KG

Rudhilo Honey

Rs 950 / KG

Jamun Honey

Rs 1500 / KG

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One of the promising farm in the country, fast deliveris love the service. The products are fresh and the price is affordable
Dikshant Sharma
The products were fresh but they took very long to dispatch. I wish in the future they improve there services and add more products in the list
Kristy Poudyal
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John Doe
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Kim Wexler

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